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Chrome Steel and Roll Shell Information / 2

Chrome Steel:   High Chromium Iron Casting 

Through Hardness:  Up to 760 Hv
Wear Rate:  The very best, affording long lifetime
Impact Sensitivity:   Medium

Special heat treatment gives the material constant hardness and high wear resistance

Comparisson:   It is difficult to compare roller shells by hardness or wear life and cost. Shells must be specified correctly for the "job" in hand. Only when consideration is given to the factors applicable at the installation of the shells can the correct material be selected. Thus the best cost / wear material can be specified for the situation at hand.  

Damage:   By specification of the correct shells, damage can be minimised. In general, it is best to avoid the rollers from touching during operation and resting against each other when stopped. Heavy impacts and thermal overloads should be avoided  

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