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Fork Lift Truck Attachments

Often referred to as "Tendergrips or Gripaforks", we manufacture new; refurbish existing and of course supply spare and wearing parts.

All FLT attchments manufactured by Eldercourt are tested and issued with a SWL certificate    

Multi Tined for Green or Fired Brick   When operated by the FLT driver the ram acts to open the gripper pads in each of the 5 or 6 tines. The forks grip the bricks using a hydraulically operated spring loaded action. This makes for a solid and reliable lift. Gripping against a solid outer leg, the pack of bricks can then be moved as required by the FLT. To place the brick pack in its new position, say in the kiln or on the yard, when in position, the driver simply releases the ram and the gripper pads are returned to their home position. We have developed and upgraded the system to make it more user friendly, improve reliabilty and increase the durabilty of the live tine noses.

Solid Forks;Manufactured and tested to lift upto a 3.5T load

Multi Tined; Supplied to match your brick packs, with 4, 5 or 6 live tines and tested to lift upto a 2.5T load

Refurbishment; Overhauled and upgraded to the current specification, these are tested and issued with a SWL certifacte

5 Tine <em>Gripafork</em> 5 Tine <em>Gripafork</em> 5 Tine <em>Gripafork</em> 5 Tine <em>Gripafork</em>