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Carbide Coatings and Hard Welding

Hardfacing:  We specialize in the use of carbide hardfacing equipment to produce a smooth and even layer of tunsten carbide particles on the wear part. The methods we use to apply the carbide allow the coating to be applied to mild steel, stainless steels and through hardened steel plate. It can be applied to complex shapes as well as round bar and flat plate, such as scrapers and core bars for example   

Innovative:   Using the innovative products Hv 3000+, Hv 2000+ and Hv Powder takes traditional welded hard facing to new heights and enables the length of service to match solid carbide wear plates, increasing wear life many times but also with the added benefit to withstand greater levels of impact.

Applications:   Many possibilties exist for the application of our products, but you may like to consider Arbor castings; Fine roller mill scrapers; extruder augers; mixer knives; fitting bolts; pan mills scrapers; any part subject to extreme wear is a possibility.

HvAVS++ :   Special consideration must go to screen plates or indeed any other wear part that has a curved surface or requires an tightly toleranced surface, such as hammer mill liners. Therefore we have devolped a further coating, HvAVS++ which has its own set of characteristics, but again takes wear life to another level

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